Digital Content is Drastically Changing the Landscape of Publishing Industry

As everyone in the traditional Publishing Industry is well aware off, digital eBooks are Drastically Changing the Landscape of Publishing Industry. Pew Research Center recently published a new study that shows Americans are reading more e-books and fewer print books. The research results should come as no surprise. With the rise in popularity we’ve seen in tablets and e-readers, this new trend has been escalating the past couple of years. We now find ourselves approaching a landmark event: the day e-book reading replaces print book reading as the majority. Now many any analysts believe that day to be coming in either 2014 or 2015.
But why is this? Why are consumers and students so enamored with e-books over traditional printed books? While it may be difficult to determine one specific factor, there are several contributing factors.
1. Increased interactivity. A printed book can provide only what is printed on its pages. E-books and digital content materials can provide interactive content, website links, audio and video content, and much more. E-books can offer more than just written words. They have the ability to provide a full multimedia user experience.
2. Social Media integration of the content is expanded. From most e-readers and tablets, not only can you read your book, you can share quotes and your thoughts online as you read. From a marketing perspective, what publisher wouldn’t love to have hundreds of readers sharing what they like best about the books they publish as they read them? There are few products that provide such an experience.
3. Searchable notes and other features. While creating and saving your notes is an effective way of documenting your thoughts as you read, what could be better than having those notes become easily searchable?
4. Less space needed. With Digital Content you can electronically store the entire e-book library in cloud-based storage and access them through one small device. The space saved by e-readers and tablets when travelling is yet another benefit.
5. Cost effectiveness. If you are an avid reader, the cost effectiveness of an e-reader or tablet will eventually become an additional benefit for you. Because there is no physical product to print, bind and ship, e-books are almost always cheaper to purchase than their printed versions.

These reasons and the collective supporting research, are continually changing the publishing and retail landscape month to month. Some would argue the change is for the better. And some would not.
Even though we are experience this major upheaval in the traditional publishing marketplace, e-books will not end the printed book anytime in the near future. However, I do see a future where the printed book and the e-book coexist to provide the same content to different audiences and preferences.

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