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NFL Teams Prepare for Opponents with ARALOC® Sports, Encrypted Content Distribution Platform for Microsoft Surface Pro and iPad

Encryption More Important Than Ever for NFL Teams Modevity, LLC, a leader in content protection and mobile distribution solutions has noticed increased usage of its ARALOC® Sports Platform among NFL teams. The ARALOC Sports Platform provides secure mobile content distribution, protection, tracking and analytics for proprietary content including; playbooks, game planning materials, as well as scouting […]

The Mobile BYOD Trend is Declining

It appears U.S. companies are moving away from the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend that started five years ago and had workers using their personal smartphones and tablets for work, according to a new report. A recent online survey conducted in April and May of 375 U.S. IT professionals in various private businesses found that 53% allowed […]

NHL Los Angeles Kings Players Get Their iPad App With ARALOC™ Sports

MALVERN, PA – Modevity, LLC  a leader in mobile content protection and distribution solutions with its ARALOC™ Sports solution has been selected by the Los Angeles Kings NHL team for managing video distribution to players, scouts and coaches. The ARALOC Sports Platform provides a secure content distribution, mobile content management, tracking and reporting analytics for […]

The Tablet Device Market Expansion Continues in Second Quarter

The Tablet Device market expansion continues in Second Quarter of this year.   Apple continues their market dominance by shipping 17 million iPads during the second quarter, beating its all-time high and leading a quarter during which Samsung, Amazon and Asus also saw tablet shipments rise.  The remaining year is expected to only get even better […]

ARALOC Mobile Content Distribution Platform Released By Modevity, LLC

First of its Kind Platform for Premium and Proprietary Content Publishers WEST CHESTER, PA – Modevity, LLC, announced that it has released its new Mobile Content Distribution Platform, ARALOC™, for enterprise level customers. Using ARALOC, content providers and publishers can now distribute their premium and proprietary content through a range of new mobile distribution channels […]

Audio Podcast – Modevity Partners with Verizon Business CaaS

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Securing Your Virtual Meeting Content

Did you ever wonder what happens to your confidential content that you distribute to the meeting attendees as part of your ‘pre-meeting review’ for any web meeting? Would it concern you if any of your confidential company content files that are part of your virtual meetings might end up being viewed by a competitor or […]